Sunday, May 31, 2009

Living a run-free-lifestyle

Ohhh yeah.  It's been sweet.  For the past couple of months, it's been all biking and swimming.  I haven't even laced up my running shoes or pretened to have any desire to go out for a jog.  I have even been toying with the idea of just not doing it anymore - calling it quits, for good.  And stick to swimming and biking, the two things I actually enjoy.
The main reason for my hiatus is the fact that I just can't seem to make peace with the run, I can't ever seem to get past a certain hump.  And it's always my lungs that stop me, I can't seem to catch my breath. Legs are doing fine, but I'm as out of breath as fish on dry land.  Nobody enjoys being out of breath, so it's understandable that I should hate running.
This spring it's been exeptionally bad and started to hit me in both biking and running too.  I usually bike with my Garmin heart rate monitor on, and during one particularily hard trainier workout, I noticed that my normally high heart rate was barely up, even if I was working my ass off.  Huh, curious.  I brought this up with a couple of friends who are in medicine and sports physio, and both asked if I had looked into EIA.  Excersize induced asthma.
I guess I should go see a doctor...

Quiet on the blog front

But not like there has nothing been going on.
Oh, it's been busy. Starting up a company - Blue Skies Magazine, and getting married in a month. Ooof! Magzine is going really well, have to rally up a few more subscribers before we go to print in a couple of weeks, but I'm all for starting slow anyway. Marriage prep going a little slower - I still don't really know what I'm wearing, still have to tie down the caterer and still have to wrap my head around the fact that in just 4 short weeks I'm going to be a wife!
But it's all good. We are planning a very simple ceremony in my hometown in Iceland, outdoors, up on a small hill overlooking the town. Odds are it might be raining, perhaps windy, most certainly chilly and maybe even snowing (yeah, not really).
I'm really excited that a bunch of our friends will be making the journey home with us and getting to know my roots, meet my Icelandic friends and family and hopefully experience some of the magic that the land of the midnight sun has to offer.