Friday, August 14, 2009

A slight case of the hates

Looking at my blog, I realize this thing is gravely misrepresenting me and who I really am. And, since this is my blog, I can't blame anyone else for it, gaahhh! Only one thing to do - and that is to just go ahead and reveal the true self on the blog for all of my 12 readers that might stop by.

Here it goes.

I'm argumentative. I love verbal sparring. I'm an ENTP (self diagnosed, thank you very much). Looking back, I think I can blame my dad for this, to an extent at least. Growing up, family dinners more often than not ended up being long and intricate debates. The topic didn't matter much, the goal was to paint the opponent into a corner and check-mate him/her there. Tools of the trade included irrefutable logic, supreme confidence and the ability to bluff like a world class poker player. Proper use of language was not only encouraged but strictly enforced (the Icelandic language that is, I'm still polishing my English).
I still enjoy a good debate and yes, I have been known to switch sides just to get a good debate in, although that is probably something I should not go and publicly admit.

I also have strong political opinions although it pains me to admit that I am not well versed in American politics to be able to really debate anything, so in these matters I'm relying purely on my intuition to know how cast my non-functional foreigner vote. I'll spare you those for now, until I become a citizen.

I'm also sometimes intensely annoyed and irritated by little things, to the point I could be called a hater. Two things that just this morning had me up in arms were Feedburner and partial feeds of blogs via Google reader.
I realize that neither are exactly big deals, but they still get under my skin. Since I'm home alone with nobody that can listen to my tirade on the topic, I turn to you trusty blog.

Feedburner, I hate you. I loathe your little middle-management tactics and I can't stand that you change the URL. Frankly, I don't get you. And now I'm even more pissed off because I looked at your website and realized that you have been swallowed up into the Google cloud. WTF, over. Google already has Analytics, stick to that and make Feedburner go away.
And as if that wasn't enough, then there is the topic of partial feeds via Google reader. I keep up with quite a few blogs on a regular basis even if I don't always read every post. I like to do this via Google reader on my computer or on the iPhone - that way I just visit one location on the web and peacefully get my news and updates.
I DO NOT LIKE to visit a bazillion different blogs to get my fill, already have carpal tunnel in the making so I want to keep my clicks to a minimum. You, owners of blogs with partial RSS feeds are the bane of my existence. You feed the first couple of sentences to the reader and then expect me to click over to your blog so you can get your damn clicks counted, probably through fucking feedburner. Well, news for you. Your blog better be absolutely amazingly interesting and awesome for me to make the trek via your special URL and odds are I'm just going to drop you from my list of things to read if that keeps up. Yeah, probably my loss, but whatever. That's just how it is.

In other unrelated news I haven't even pretended to work out in the past 72 hrs which along with a lot of caffeine probably explains why I am extra naggy at the moment.

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Krisanne said...

Hah! Fellow ENTP here as well. Not so much of a hater ... in the last several years I've trained myself to (mostly) let the little things go, though sometimes I have to remind myself that the negative energy just isn't worth expending.

And I went 72 hours straight w/o a workout too ... it was good to get back to it this morning after way too much time cramped in airplanes this weekend.