Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the run, chased by a crazy coach.

Did my first 5k of the year on Saturday after being sneakily talked into it by coach Mary Ann.  Got a voice mail saying "hey, I'm doing this 5k and you should come too, we will use it as a baseline for the winter, come on, it will be fun!".
Yeah right.  I'm in no way race shape yet, I've just started running and quite frankly it's all I got in me to make it through my weekly allotment of miles and workouts.  In case you haven't noticed, the calendar says August, and in Florida August is simply a code word for 'disgustingly hot and humid'.
Plus, the race started at 7:30 which was both too early and too late.  Too early for getting up and too early for it to be nice and cool.  And I use the term cool very loosely, see above for clarification for code word August.

So I decided to blow her off, but instead put in a really good effort at my Friday night workout.  Lara and I went out for 3 miles around dinnertime. It had rained earlier so the air felt refreshingly swampy. I had a great run and finally felt that the training was starting to pay off.
In retrospect I clearly overdid it and melted some brain synapses as I then proceeded to call coach up and tell her "why not, count me in".
Dumb dumb dumb.   But, since I said I'd do it, I kind of had to, so on Sunday morning I found myself downtown Orlando handing over a race registration form and pinning on a bib.
Mary Ann was way too happy for such early morning and insisted on doing a warm up.  Seriously? Isn't that what the first mile is for? 
I indulged her and sloshed half a mile or so and then made my way to the starting line.  Compared to the organized wave starts of a triathlon this mass start of about 2000 people felt huge.  I started way to the back of the pack,and as a result got to weave and bob around people slower than I am (YES, they do exist!!). 
Coach told me to go out easy for the first mile, then pick it up a little and walk through the water stops if I wanted.  I stuck to the "walk through the water stops" part of the plan, but also sprinkled in some short walk breaks of my own just for fun.  I also didn't exactly go faster during mile 2 but managed to sort of save face on mile 3 and had a good strong finish.
Clock time 32:19, chip time 31:12.   Happy I went and did it, 41st in my age group (out of 121). Now it's on to more jogging around the neighborhood next week, when tropical storms (or hurricanes??) Ana and Bill start approaching.

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