Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turkey Trot Challenge

Gauntlet has been thrown and I picked it up.... it's ON for the Turkey Trot Challenge 2009. The Turkey Trot is an annual race here in DeLand on Thanksgiving morning where you can run a 5k or a 10 miler and thus earn the rights to pig out on the Thanksgiving feasts later on.
For the past few years, we have had a few people do this race, most do the 5k, and then met up in the parking lot afterwards to enjoy some snacks and beverages whilst waiting for the 10 milers to finish, watch the awards and so on.
This year, I'm going to try to improve my 5k PR, which isn't really setting the bar too high, all I have to do is come in somewhere below 28:28. Yeah. I know, I'm no speedster. But this fall, I have my speedy friend Mary Ann kicking my ass. She helped me put together a training plan and is going to make me do speed workouts once a week after I get a little bit of base built up. So fun times ahead. And because misery loves company, I'm doing my very best to try to get as many of my friends as possible to sign up for this too :)

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