Friday, July 17, 2009

Go Crocs, you can do it!!

During my morning scan of the interwebs I saw something about the Crocs shoe company going bankrupt.  I did some further digging and they aren't exactly tits up yet, but they aren't doing so hot either.  I love those shoes, they are just made for people like me: slightly fashion challenged and completely duck footed.   They work wonderfully to soothe tired and achy feet after long workouts or races.  Not that I'm doing too many of either of those right now, but I am working on it, cut me a little slack here!!
I used to be a hater, but when I went with a friend to shop for a pair for her mother, I by accident stuck my foot in one and there was no going back after that.
Came home with the original shape in winter camo, as seen up here to the left. I then later added a pair of flippie-floppies that I use for swim workouts, and it's probably thanks to those little guys that I'm not riddled with pool fungus and have much fewer wipeouts on the wet pool deck. And yes, since you asked, I don't for one minute hesitate to wear men's Crocs if needed, because I can't cram my plammers into the dainty little girly shoes.  

So, from one fragile little start up to another: chin up dear Crocs, hunker down and weather this storm, just whatever you do don't quit making these awesome, ugly-ass shoes.

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