Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beer, beer, beer, I like beer.

I do, I do, I do.
It makes me wish I lived in Colorado, so I could take advantage of all the awesome microbreweries out there. I favor darker beer - from medium ambers to full on stouts and just about anything in between.
I'm no snob though, so I'll on occasion go for a nice pale ale or lager, provided those are served ice cold and in good company.

One of my favorite frugal blogs, Wise Bread, has this brilliant post on 21 uses of beer. Check it out and let me know if anyone decides to try tip # 16: making a beersickle. I'm not sure if I would like frozen beer, but I will stay open minded about that one until someone else tells me it's awful.
Now that I've embraced my inner baker and decided to forgo artificial breads that don't go bad even if you leave them in your fridge for a month whilst you pop home to Iceland - even those that have "natural" in their names - I'll for sure be trying the beer bread recipe, yum yum.


Maggs said...

I've had a beer freeze before. The slushy was pretty good. But just plain ice cold beer is better.

Krisanne said...

Beer bread is great - it's one of my last minute dinner invite standbys since I usually have all the ingredients readily available. Different types of beer will produce a very different bread. I actually like beer bread made with a lighter beer (even mass-produced American swill), but your tastes may vary. Warning: it's best in the first day or so ... after that, it dries out.