Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leak Detecting Dog!

My little pup Harvey (who is not so little anymore) has proven himself to be quite the character,  a wonderful blend of stubborn and sweet.  He's a smart little dog (yeah I know, all dog owners say that about their dog but this one really is) and he's very willing to work for food.
He's got a lot of energy that walks around the neighborhood don't seem to do much to dampen. I've taken him on a few jogs and he starts out great, but grows tired quickly.  I guess Harvey is more of a sprinter, so we play a lot in the back yard, jumping, fetching and bouncing around.

The other day I was home alone and working on getting the pool back into service after a long winter of beeing a little on the green side.  With all that algae in, I was having to backwash the pool filter quite a bit. We had been struggling a little to keep the water level up in the pool, but I figured it was just because of the frequent backwashings, and also it had been really windy and dry.
Once I was done cleaning the filter I put the system back to filtration and was tossing a ball for Harvey whilst I waited for the pool pump to prime up - and it was sounding a little weird.
All of a sudden the dog completely lost interest in the ball, and the ears perked up.  He then ran to a certain spot in the yard and launched into mad digging mode, dirt flying everywhere.
I ran over too, going "what the eff do you think you are doing, you damn dog" wondering what had gotten into him.
Once I got to the hole, I saw that the Harvey had exposed a small cave that was making gurgling noises and at the bottom of the "cave" was a pipe.  Hot damn!   I ran back and turned the pump off, and the hole immediately filled with water.  

Once Cute Boy got back from his trip he dug up the pipe and replaced it, and now we have a beautiful crystal clear pool with happy pipes.  And a dog that got his fill of treats that day :)

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