Thursday, April 2, 2009

Head-on collision, bee-ware!

Went for a short bike ride yesterday with my friends. Pam and I rode from my house and pick up Mikey on the way, which gives us a nice 15 min or so to warm up at an easy pace before Mikey kicks it up a notch.
It was pretty windy, but keeping in line with my new motto of quality workouts, I figured the wind was just one more way of making sure I worked hard. There is a short stretch of rolling hills where we like to try to kick it up a little, and it starts with a nice little overpass. I was doing good, feeling strong and happy and powering my way up the hill when all of a sudden *THWACK* smack middle in my forehead.
Was it a bird? A plane? Superman? None of the above, it was a friggin bee. Or a wasp or something of the sort, equipped with a stinger. I yelped and then tried to yank my helmet off (the creature was still in there), but Giro does its job well so the lid sat on tightly. I squealed something to my riding buddies about pulling off, ripped my helmet off, had a small panic attack when I discovered the sting was still firmly lodged in my head. Mikey came over and was able to yank it out, much to my relief.
I don't seem to be allergic to bees, so we slapped the helmet back on and kept on going.
I now understand much better about the mesh I sometimes see in the front, there is a good reason for it folks, seems like I'm not the first one to have a high speed collision with an insect.
My forehead hurt like hell for the rest of the ride, but we managed to keep a good pace and had a blast, until Mikey almost got knocked off his bike by a giant dog that decided to bolt right in front of us - and then there was the giant 3-inc beetle bug that flew like it was drunk - I think that thing would have knocked me right off the bike had I hit it!

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