Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ack ack ack

Been a rough couple of weeks and the blog-lust has been minimal. I've been slacking both writing my own blog and reading others, which goes to show the sad mental state I've been in.
I had a whole post started (titled "the dumbest thing I ever did") about my lifeguard training, which I ended up cutting short and thus not finish - but just like the training I don't seem to be able to manage to finish the post. So I'm moving on, such is life.

It was a great time though, endless ass-kickings on the beach and in the ocean, and even in the classroom. I really liked most of it, but since I wasn't able to commit to a full time schedule and work weekends and holidays all summer, I realized that it wasn't for me.
My respect for ocean rescue lifeguards has increased leaps and bounds though, these people teaching the course were dedicated professionals that really know their stuff.

But, hanging with a bunch of 16 year-old kids for the better part of a week also evidently exposed me to a wide variety of high school germs that slayed me. I came down with a cold of the nastiest sort, stayed in bed for a couple of days and then it has taken me a whole another week to crawl back to a state of normal (more or less).
A couple of my friends and Cute Boy also got ran over by the same flu bus, so it's been a sad little squad in DeLand lately.

I've been swimming and biking as usual, and since summer is just about here it seems only logical to step it up a little bit.
I have a couple of events coming up, nothing really major though, just fun stuff.
My first relay ever is in Siesta Key in a couple of weeks - doing that one with 2 of the girls from my swim masters team. Should be awesome - and since I'm the only one with a bike in the group, the cycling fell to me. It will be kind of nice to be able to treat the bike like a 25 mile time trial - just plop it in the big ring and push hard, no need to worry about the run afterwards, yay! Just have to figure out the warm-up, maybe I can do a little jog or something as I doubt they will let me out of transition to tool around on my bike :)
Then there is a pool meet - long course (gulp) and at some point either an open water race or a sprint tri... plenty going on.

Then at some point I should probably get going with planning my wedding that is in a couple of months - but I'm sure it will all work out :)

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Maggs said...

Bummer about the flu! But now you can just focus on the wedding.