Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Survived another one!

Back from the Miami after a long weekend of swimming, biking and running.  Didn't bring back a PR (wasn't expected or even likely), but was happy to survive.  And, was pretty happy with my swim actually - especially since I opted not to use a wetsuit as I felt I would get too hot (the majority of age groupers had one on). The bike was "meh" and the run sucked (as expected) but it was a good experience all in all.
I'm glad to have the first race of the year out of the way and now can focus on doing sprints, woo hoo!

My buddies Sue and Sharon did awesome.  Sue didn't quite PR but almost - if the bike hadn't been so windy I am sure she would have.  This was Sharon's first tri - and her 2nd open water swim.  She's gone from barely making it from one end of the pool to the other to swim nearly a mile in open water in less than 4 months - totally proud of her.
My next tri isn't scheduled until beginning of May so for the next 6 weeks I am going to try to make peace with running.  Sharon (who is an exceptional runner) is going to help motivate me and instead I am going to get her going on the bike.  Yay for teamwork - and  having someone to hold me accountable - clearly I need that when running.

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SunnyD said...

I wish I had someone to "team" up with. You are lucky because it is HUGE to have someone to hold you accountable, plus in the end, it even makes you happy they did it...if at the time you wanted to strangle them. My "workout buddy" is being overworked so I've lost her on just about all after work activities. Stinks....And FYI - I would LOVE to host you for a mountain biking weekend before the heats set in....and you can then give me some road bike tips. Cute Boy asked me what kind of bike I had and I couldn't answer....is that bad? Let's talk soon...Seriously. Until then....D