Wednesday, March 18, 2009


You have always wanted to learn how to speak Icelandic right? Well, welcome to your first lesson. A hard one. Not because the word is all that difficult, the word is pretty cool and sounds funny. You pronounce it somewhat like num-eeh-bin-din-deeh. See, that was easy.

The big deal here is the meaning of that silly word: candy-strike. I'm essentially "on the wagon" when it comes to candy and am not allowed to have any. I am not quite sure how this happened, but a friend from Iceland has been doing nammibindidi for a couple of weeks now and raves about it, says she's not even tempted by candy anymore.
During a moment of not thinking things through, I jumped in and said "ohh, so cool, count me in, I want to do it too! I want to be healthy and thin and not high on sugar all the time, this is going to be awesome!".

It should be pretty clear to anyone reading these words that I was jacked up on sugar when I made that desicion, as at the time I was busily rewarding myself generously for having had a crappy race the day before.
Now the question is, can I be held responsible for my own actions when high on sugar? Do I have to actually go through with this month long nammibindindi? Do I have an out?

The law seems to think that I made a binding verbal agreement. I haven't been able to find literature to support my theory that high octane sugar rushes cause temporary insanity, so it looks like I have to go through with it.
I'm going to try to stick it out, at least for the day. Oh, cruel world. I will just have to try to forget about that nice looking bar of dark European chocolate stashed in my pantry.
I am going to allow myself to have cokes one day a week, on Saturday. They will be chilled to perfection and I might even go exclusively with glass bottles.

This better be good.


Maggs said...

I think I'm on the candy wagon to. Yesterday i realized I was going for sushi everyday for lunch because it was next to the candy store. And since I was in the area. But unfortunately, sushi is an expensive habit, and candy isn't a good habit either. I went cold turkey today.

Eva mágkona said...

Úff Kolla...þú ert hugrökk! Ég hef reynt svo oft og það gengur aldrei..þannig að ég er hætt að reyna að hætta! :) Kannski ég öðlist þroska og styrk einn góðan veðurdag til að hætta þessu ógeði. Tíminn leiðir það í ljós ;) hehe.. Gangi þér vel!!