Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lifeguard? Me? Hmm.....

A buddy of mine is a lifeguard at the beaches and the other day he told me they were having tryouts for summer positions. And then proceeded to suggest that I go give it a go. At first I laughed it off, but then as I thought about it, I decided why not. Could at least go and do the swim to see if I made the cut, and then take it from there.
Pay is not so great, but hours are totally flexible and I do love the sea and the sand... and if I make the cut and get a job, this could be the best tan my white little body has ever had (yes, I'll be slathering on the SPF's...).

So last Saturday, I showed up at the pool with a bunch of 16 year olds - and gaaaak - I felt old. Jumped in and did a little warmup and then tested. Had 10 minutes to swim 500 meters (and they werent skimping on it, 22 lengths of the 25 yd pool). I cruised it at a nice pace and got in at 7:52, not too shabby. Even beat out a bunch of the kids, especially those that didn't even bring a pair of goggles or a swim suit to the pool tryouts.

Then sat around for a bit and waited for my official American Idol style pass (except we got orange ones) and was instructed to show up for class Monday, April 6th.
It was fun, and I've been kind of excited about it. I know I have a ton of work ahead of me getting back in running shape, and evidently you need to be able to swim a 50 in 30 secs or under, and that one is going to be friggin challenging too. Glad I have a couple of weeks to train.... I'll need it. If I don't make the cut, then at least I got a head start on getting in shape for the season, so it will be all good :)


Maggs said...

Fantastic! That sounds like a fun way to get back into swimming shape. Have fun.

Kolbrun DeLux said...

Vááá...þú og hinir strandverðirnir. Vonandi fæ ég að sjá þig í "slow motion" á ströndinni eins og í . Gangi þér vel vinkona!