Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gentle Leader - yeah baby.

Being the the proud owner of an insanely energetic dog + being in the middle of becoming a reformed runner, I've decided to start jogging (with a soft j) around the neighborhood again to let him blow off some steam. And to give myself an excuse for going so slow, I can blame it on the dog.
Harvey is very strong and a bit on the skittish side, so every time a squirrel stirs in the bushes he thinks its the aliens coming to get him. His "run for the hills" attempts are a bit much, even if I by now have wildly strong arms & shoulders from swimming. Plus I look like a dork digging my heals into the ground trying to control a dog screaming "anal probing lady, anal probing, lets get the hell out of here!".
Forget about either of us staying calm with bush-dwelling-aliens on one side and cars on the other - my dog whispering talents just don't go that far.

Clearly help was needed, and I remembered a friend having great luck with this collar contraption unit that goes around their nose. So I made a mad dash to the pet store and picked up one of those "gentle leader" head collars. Frankly had no idea PetCo sold miracles, but that thing is one. Super easy, one end slips over the snout and the other goes around the head like a regular collar. No strangling, easy to adjust, and the collar sits high up just like the Dog Whisperer dude likes it. Oh. My. God. Night and day difference.
Harvey isn't exactly thrilled about the nose job, but adjusted pretty well immediately. And we both enjoy that we can now go for jogs and still preserve some of my dignity.

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Maggs said...

My dogs have used the haltee...a version of the gentle leader forever. Makes a HUGE difference!