Monday, February 16, 2009

Wii Fit Gravely Insults Man

Cute Boy was lucky enough to stumble over a Wii Fit board the other day and brought it home with him. I was over the moon, been coveting one for a while. We hooked it up to the Wii and then had a small fight over which one of us could go first. Cute Boy argued he had been the one to find it and thus should start, and I couldn't argue with that logic.

He grinned broadly, hopped up on the board and got started with the set up. You get to use your own Mii (a mini-me of sorts that represents you in games and during Wii Fit activities).
The Mii is made to look like you, cartoon style, and for the Wii Fit they are outfitted in groovy little workout clothes.
First time on the board, the Wii Fit puts you through a series of evaluations designed to test your balance, figure out your BMI and  and then proceeds to give you a 'Wii Fit Age' based on it's calculations.  Once Scott was done with the series of tests, his Mii appeared on the screen, bathed in a spotlight.  The Mii was clearly anxious: twiddling thumbs and beads of sweat dripping. After a quick drum roll, the Wii Fit Age plonked down behind the Mii in big giant green letters.  42 it said - and the Mii's shape rounded a little as a result.  It was priceless, especially since my future husband is a very fit and athletic guy. He does carry a bit of muscle though, which is not accounted for in the BMI indexing, so the poor little Wii had no option other than come to the conclusion of fat.
Cute Boy (Fat Boy?) was stunned and completely offended and then skeedaddledd off to lick the wounds.  As a result me and the Wii Fit board have been able to enjoy a lot of time together since, as the boy is avoiding it. We have put a few more people through the test since and it seems that the Fit board is generally more polite towards women than men, which is fine by me :)

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