Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sore and tired, but setting benchmarks

Working out, err, I mean training, is taking it's toll.  I'm sore and tired, achy and feeling old enough to race in the 70+ age group. 
But the magical things are happening.

1. My running has improved, sort of.  For the past couple of weeks when I have set out for my runs (well, jogs), the first mile has SUCKED.  No small suckage either, but full blown Dyson-bagless-lifetime-hepa-filter suckage.  Complete with intersperced 30 second walk breaks at random intervals because I simply can no longer bear the agony.  Complete with a powerful urge to rip of my running shoes and throw them in the nearest ditch (my running & biking routes usually always include at least one ditch for this very purpose).
But, after the first mile goes beep on the Garmin, my legs all of a sudden decide they would like to get home faster and I easily drop anywhere from 30-60 seconds of my min/mile pace. And then am able to sustain that semi-comfortably all the way home.

2.  Bike is improving, but that part is sort of going as expected. I usually get my bike fitness back easier and quicker than running.

3.  Swimming is going so awesome that I don't even know where to begin.  I ended up joining the most awesome masters group ever this fall, and the coach has spent a lot of time and laps refining my stroke and building endurance and core strength in the pool.  We are now getting to work on speed, and I'm already faster than I have ever been - and feel as if I have just started tapping into the awesomeness.

Well, now it's on to a new week and new challenges.  Along with training my J-Lo bootie off I plan to get cranking on my employment situation, or lack there of.
Oh and you might wonder what the featured picture has to do with the contents of this post. Short answer would be "nothing", long answer would be "well, in training there are benchmarks aren't there, and maybe I sort of am comparing my current state to previous states and kind of setting the *now* as a benchmark for future states".
And the really long answer would be that I want to start paying more attention to photography and take more pictures.  So from here on out, just about every picture featured on this blog will be either taken by me, of me or somehow about me (and in rare instances, stolen off the internet by someone who shall remain nameless).  Cuz tiz my blog and I do what I want.  Meh.  Oh and naturally I expect compliments on my beautiful photos, so get to it.

Happy February every one - shortest month of the year so get on with enjoying it!

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Simeon of Kent said...

Good drills. I need to join a masters swim group, my swimming is diabolical. Case in point: NYC triathlon 2008, my 1st open water swim (of two). 1500m in over 41 minutes, landing me in the bottom 4%.

Do you still have the Orbea?