Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Bruges

In this day and age of unemployment, I'm managing to keep busy with projects around the house and projects outside of the house and of course the occasional workout here and there.
New pup Harvey was happy to meet Scott and the two of them instantly fell in love. I'm still head over heals for Harvey, to the point that I occasionally allow the beasts up on the couch (I'm a big old softie).
My friends from Iceland came for a visit for a few days - it was great to have them around, especially since they brought some tasty Icelandic candy with them. They also introduced me to one of the most fantastic movies ever: In Bruges. If you haven't seen that one yet, I highly recommend that you put it on the list. Colin Firth is easy on the eyes and the humor in the movie is awesome. Pitch black, just the way I like it.
The reviews say it is full of existential dread, which also happens to fairly nicely sum up my current emotional situation as well, the whole unemployed situation is starting to feel a little unproductive.

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Anonymous said...

Is it not Colin Farrell? Check Firth?