Friday, February 20, 2009


Eventually my current state of unemployment has to come to an end. It's been nice to take a couple of weeks off to clear my head, boost the body and generally enjoy the vacation I have been meaning to take. I guess it's technically a staycation since I didn't go anywhere - but sweet it has been.
Now that I am slowly preparing my return to the workforce, I must say that I am a little burned out on "working for the man" and will admit that I have been looking at alternatives. I worked my tail off for 9 years and I know what I did made a difference in dollars for the man - I have the spreadsheets to prove it. At the end though, that was all forgotten when new winds blew through management and the only solution to the rough morale was to get rid of all the unhappy people. Errr, lay them off I mean, uuhh, because of the rough economy. Yeah. That's it.

Working for the woman seems like a better idea, especially if that woman is me.
The thing is that I like to work. I like some form of structure in my life, I like working towards a goal, and I would friggin love to be able to set my own hours (even if that leaves me working a lot of them). I also want to reap the benefits of my hard work and I hereby promise that if I make money I will not save all of it, I will see it as my holy duty to stimulate the economy, in particular through buying workout clothes/equipment, shoes and travel to races.

So. I have been looking into a couple of things that would ultimately make myself my own boss.
It's scary and fabulous at the same time. Can I do it? Will it work out? Can I eek out a living and survive the start-up? Will I fall flat on my face? Am I going to be an embarrassment to my friends and family? Is it going to make me run slower or faster?

All these questions.... well I guess there is only one way to find out.
Stay tuned.

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ramster said...

good for you, go for it! sieze the moment, it's a noble aspiration and worthy goal. good luck!