Sunday, February 22, 2009

A graph and a couple of good blogs

I keep up with quite a few blogs on the pages of the internet. Some I read in all their glory at their own proper URL's, some I read plainly through my trusty Google RSS reader, some come through my Mac's mail RSS feed. I read a variety of blogs: medical stuff, triathlon blogs, run/swim/bike specific blogs, all kinds of Lifehacks are greatly favored and then there are of course blogging friends and family members that I like to keep up with.

Laura who authors the running blog Absolut(ly) Fit had the dubious honor of joining me in unemployment recently. Her company gave her a severance package and a nifty little chart, plotting out how her emotions and moods would swing over the next few weeks.
My company politely requested that I would not let the door hit me in the ass on the way out (just painted) and skipped out on both the severance package and the chart.
Thankfully Laura shared her emotional roller coaster road map, so I borrowed a copy to share on my blog:

As the graph indicates I went through the first set of emotions like a BASE jumper going off a cliff and found myself sitting knee deep in my own sorrows for about a week or so. Thankfully Cute Boy was gone to France for most of that period, which was spent having deep and meaningful conversations with the newly adopted dog about this cruel world and diabolical ways of man. Since he'd been a bit down on his luck too, Harvey understood completely and was very sympathetic.
I'd like to think that right now I'm well on my way to the series of smaller speed bumps of anger and acceptance and on the way to all kinds of opportunities.

But, it's a sensitive topic - and an emotional workout and a half putting on a brave face every time well meaning buddies ask "soooo..... how are you doing?" (spoken in half whisper, whilst the person looks at you sideways like a sad puppy). Some are even so distraught on my behalf that I end up consoling them, which is ass backwards.
So. Don't do that. I only have so many of the overly chipper "oh I am doing just fine, you know it will probably end up being the best thing ever" replies left in me before I start throwing punches. If you want to talk about my life as a lay-off-ee (and I'm ok with that), visit Penelope Trunk's blog for allowable topics and tactics. Even if you don't want to talk about the dirty deed of laying me off, visit the blog because it's a damn fine one.


Maggs said...

I bet Harvey is the best listener. My dogs always know when I'm bummed and follow me around more closely. Hope you find something soon. It's gotta be stressful

SunnyD said...

So glad I found you again. I am a bit behind the 8-ball but you are too cool to lose. Hugs to you and harvey and cute boy and whoever else might want a hug. I'm here for the giving. xo, D