Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bolla bolla bolla!

This week is a big week back home, for Icelandic children (of all ages).
Monday was "Bun Day" - a day where Icelandic kids get up early in order to catch their parens still in bed. Mom and dad then get a spanking with a specially made "bun paddle" - screaming "bolla bolla bolla" as they spank.  Parents must pay with one cream puff (bun) for ever spank they take, so those mornings tend to be a lot of fun.

Following Bun Day is "Bursting Day" (Shrove Tuesday), and in the late afternoon you start picking up the heavenly smell of "Saltkjöt & Baunir" as most Icelandic homes and many restaurant start cooking up the feast (salted lamb and split pea soup).

Once the entire nation has passed out in a collective Bursting  Day food coma, Ash Wednesday morning comes along bright and early.  In the old days, ashes were collected into small bags.  As a prank, these bags were then secretly pinned on to peoples clothing.  Nowadays, this custom has given way to another one that more resembles the American Halloween.  Kids don costumes, form teams and walk from one business to another, trading songs for bits of candy.

My favorite has always been Bun Day, so this year I got a recipe from a friend in Iceland and set out to make my own Bollur.  Much to my surprise they turned out great, and they also turned out in large friggin numbers!   I'll be eating Bolla's well into next week if I don't manage to give some of them away.
That said, I better grab my bag and hit the pool, to burn off the Bolla calories :)


Maggs said...

Bun day sounds like a great holiday. Those buns look awesome!

kate harrison said...

I love Bun Day! Delicious tradition!