Sunday, January 18, 2009

Running osmosis experiment: failed

Dang, it's Sunday again!
Kept busy all week trying to get back in shape and do that work thing. 
Now that I have a coach, my workouts are on a schedule and I am expected to perform certain things. Looking at my schedule for this week it feels a little like I am going to have to perform a miracle (small one) to fit it all in, but I think I can do it.

Until now I have been working to improve my running through unconventional methods such as osmosis.  I have spent some time hanging around faster runners and even sometimes go watch them race.  I had expected that simply being around faster people would make me faster. 
So far it hasn't, but maybe that is just because I haven't spent enough time doing it.
Well, now we will never know, because coach Helen doesn't believe in this theory.  Her philosophy is somewhere along the lines of "if you want to be a good runner you actually have to do some running" so gone are the lovely weeks of low-to-none mileage.
They have been replaced with strategically structured workouts with pickups, intervals, long runs and all kinds of things.  I am a little skeptical, but will give it a try.  I will be sure to update you on my progress right here on this very blog, as soon as there is anything to report. 
Now all I can say that all this running is making me very tired and I expect that condition to remain.
But, I will keep on keeping on, and we will see where this running theory takes us.

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