Monday, January 26, 2009

Job hunting from vacation

My first day as an unemployed person is over and done with.  I will admit to sleeping in a little bit (after first getting up and feeding the zoo) but since getting out of bed I've been busier than an one legged man in an ass kicking contest.
Resumes have been written, edited, e-mailed and re-edited, thank you notes and e-mails composed and sent, calls returned, visitors greeted and so on and so forth.
Oddly, most people are taking the news of my layoff a good deal harder than I am, so seemingly my role in the whole episode is to convince well meaning friends that I am doing just fine and do not need heaping helps of Prozac to get through the day.
Turns out being unemployed is no picnic, not yet at least.

I have a few options that I am exploring, and honestly have to say that I have been really touched at all the outpouring of support and positive vibes sent my way.  Former clients and customers are getting in touch landslide style, all offering to recommend me to their mother brother aunt and father that may be hiring.
Three of us got laid off the same day and one has already found a suitable job.  Personally I want to take a couple of days of vacation (yes Americans, I said vacation - google it!) to clear my head.
I have a couple of options I'm looking at and am actually really hopeful regarding a certain position.
I don't want to say what it is out of fear of jinxing it - but hopefully before too long I will have good news to share here.
In the meantime, life poolside is grand - I might get tan one day, and continue to work hard biking, running and swimming.


Kolbrun DeLux said...

Þetta er alls ekki svo galið hjá þér nafna! Enjoy your holiday og ég sendi þér kátínukveðjur frá kreppýlandinu. Held einhvernveginn að þér fallist eitthvað til í atvinnugeiranum.

Anonymous said...

Best að kommenta á þetta. Jói minn hefur verið án vinnu síðan í október og hefur haft nóg að gera. Hann er heimavinnandi húsmóðir og fellur sjaldan verk úr hendi.

Við erum bara ánægð með lífið og karlinn smellti sér á skólabekk svona til að komast frá börnunum og þvottinum í smá stund annað slagið.

Njóttu lífsins...það gerum við allavegana þrátt fyrir allt.

Kata DeLux

Simeon of Kent said...

Sorry to hear about job. I've been slack in reading these so didn't comment sooner :-)