Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dog whispering

The other day a friend forwarded sent out an e-mail to the group about a puppy-dog that was looking for a home.  She called him "Stinky McStinkface" and said her vet had estimated him to be about 5 months old, of uncertain breed.  She said she'd love to keep him but couldn't, as she already has 2 dogs and a hectic life. 
In a swift moment of weakness I e-mailed her back and said "oh let me come and meet him, we have been thinking about getting a 2nd dog - and if it doesn't work out, since I'm unemployed I can at the very least help foster him until we find a suitable home".   Cute Boy instructed me to drop everything and go get him, and announced that he had already named him Harvey.  
Harvey seems to have a mild case of demodex (skin mites), had sores on his feet from nails rubbing and needs to have the balls lopped off, but other than that he seeems to be a healthy and happy pupper - remarkably calm.
I am doing my very best to head the wisdom of the Dog Whisperer and try to remain a calm and confident pack leader.  Having to put on a show for Harvey might be the best thing for me right now, because I am feeling anything but calm and composed about being unemployed.  Teetering on the edge of panic even, but hopefully that is temporary.
The first night went well, our 11 year old dog Daisy is cautious about the new addition, but so far things are good.  The 2 cats went mildly apeshit, Herman freaked right out and in the span of 20 seconds taught iBite to hiss, never seen him do that before.   After vocalizing their displeasure they both headed for higher ground and observed Harvey from the safety of the dinner table.
iBite seems really pleased to finally know how to hiss and has spent the past couple of hours quietly hissing himself to sleep. 
Harvey paid no attention to the cats but set about exploring the new digs and pretty quickly settled down in a dog bed and took a nap.
He still seems a little timid but should perk right up once he figures things out.  Hopefully everything will work out for the best for this little guy who has been a little down on his luck lately.
If anyone cares to guess the breed(s), leave a comment!

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