Tuesday, January 20, 2009

28 degrees: Unacceptable.

That is the forecasted low for tonight. Mother-effer, that is COLD and really out of character for Florida.
To add insult to injury, the heater in our house is broken so there will be no warm air flowing through my newly repaired ducts. The experts we have checked with suggest replacing the AC unit and air handler/heating thing at the same time since the AC is on the fritz as well. Since I don't have the big bucks handy I am going to just have to suck it up.
I'm pretty good dealing with cold, contrary to popular belief. I don't LIKE cold but that doesn't mean I can't HANDLE it - I'm from Iceland after all.
For tonight, I have a plan. It's pretty detailed and involves layers, hats, beanies and fuzzy animals. The dog (comes equipped with undercoat and overcoat and a generous layer of insulating fat) will serve as foot warmer and each cat will be strategically placed on either side of me. That will a) keep me warm and b) keep them from tearing at each other. Blankets will be sprinkled liberally on top of the whole set-up and my space heater will be right next to me burning kilowatt hours like it's going out of style. And under all that, I will peer out, one hand on the remote, watching reruns of Obama's inauguration.
Any complaints from the furry ones about inappropriate use will be filed away under "when you vacuum up the hair you shed on my floors by yourself we can talk about this".

I won't be cold, I'm not even a little bit worried. In fact this might even be fun, sort of like going camping but still be in my house with running water etc. As long as the pipes don't freeze.
But the scheduled workout, that damn 4 mile run, well that might just have to take place indoors as much as I hate the treadmill. We'll see....

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Maggs said...

wow I hope the animals keep you warm. At 58 in Hawaii I am wishing for a heater.