Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - it's here!

Hot damn.  2008 done and gone, just doesn't seem like it stuck around for very long.
The picture above is from my hometown Akureyri, Iceland - where people know how to celebrate a new year (well they pretty well go apeshit around the entire island).

Here in Florida, we rung in the new year with a few friends in a fairly vacant downtown DeLand - amazingly enough on any given Tuesday you will find more people hanging out than were in attendance at the local pubs on New Years Eve.
I guess all the hard core cats went to Orlando or Daytona, but we opted to stay local and take it easy.  I was the DD (designated driver) as I can't take more than one hangover every 8 months or so, and my last one was still too fresh in my memory.  Surely a sign of old age.
Today Cute Boy and friend Brian are licking their Patrón inflicted wounds and catching up on sleep missed in the last hours of 2008.  After generous helpings of eggs, bacon and hash browns stomachs and heads seem to be feeling better, nothing like a little bit of grease to ease the pain.

2008 was a pretty fine year in retrospect.
Many goals accomplished, but a good few slipped by.  If it had to do with running, it pretty well didn't get done the way I'd have liked, but that's what 2009 is for.

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