Sunday, December 28, 2008

Training is ON

As you might remember, I signed up for the Olympic distance Miami Int'l Tri in Miami, FL (duh) on March, 15th, 2009.
Right now I'm a little puzzled as to why I did that, because in the past couple of years I've done the St. Anthony's (OL distance as well) at the end of April. I distinctly remember standing on the starting line thinking "this is a bad idea" for 3 reasons:
  1. too early in the season
  2. too long of a distance and
  3. I didn't train enough
I also remember really well thinking to myself "I'm never doing this sh!t again". So I will admit that I am somewhat baffled as to why I am here now, looking at training plans, for a race that is even earlier in the season and of the same distance as the race I was never going to do again. And I can't even blame this one on my workout buddies, because it was I that sent out the "this sounds like a blast, lets go do it" e-mail.
Now if my trusty tri-buddy Sue hadn't gone and immediately signed up I might still have had an out, so I guess she should take some of the blame.

For the past couple of weeks I've been in the "training starts tomorrow" mode, but the time has come. Today training starts, chest cold or no chest cold, hell or high water. Besides I read on that it's perfectly fine to workout when you have a cold (NY Times article here) so I'm out of excuses. Drat.
It's official, training starts today with a bike ride. Even with all my bitching I'm strangely excited. I'm goal oriented so just working out now and then to stay in shape doesn't suit me, I need to have something hanging over my head. Public embarrasment is usually really motivating for me, so I try to train enough to make sure I'm not going to be dead last. Plus, this year I'd like to try to beat my time from last year (2:54 and change). I'm swimming better than ever now, bike is fine and if I can get it together on the run I think I can. So big goals for 2009, and having fun being the most important of all :)

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