Monday, December 29, 2008

Ohhh yeah, new helmet!

My trusty old Giro Eclipse finally decided it had had enough of biking and announced its desicion to retire by spitting out the straps that attach it to my head.  It's been coming for some time, so I can't say I was too terribly surprised.  I have strategically inserted thumbtacks and industrial strength Velcro to keep things in place to last me for another couple of careful rides, and today went online and ordered a brand new one from Nashbar Bike.
I am excited as I was able to find the size I need (Small) in the exact color I was hoping for.  It is a fancy Giro Atmos with about a bazillion vents to keep my head cool during the hot Florida summers...  and winters and spring and fall, it's pretty well hot all the time here.
Here is the new beauty:
I'm so gonna be stylin!

Other than that, I am happy to report that it is day 2 of training, and I got in a fantastic swim workout this afternoon.  Tomorrow, bike in the morning and who knows, maybe run and/or gym in the afternoon!  

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