Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas recap

Wow.... the past couple of weeks have just flown by, as want is this time of year.
The holidays formally started when our friends Nick & Shonda stopped by to drop off their dog Haley for a few days of puppy-sitting whilst they drove on to spend a few days with family.  What a great dog - quite possibly the softest dog in the universe, a lab mix.  We want to keep her, but don't think we will get away with the doggie-napping.
For Christmas we had family and friends over, Cute Boy and Nick managed to cook up a delicious turducken and guests brought over dishes of yummy side dishes.  I don't think any of them can count as exactly healthy, but by some miracle I managed not to eat myself silly.
I have however gone slightly overboard in cookies, delicous beverages and other things like that....  but that all simply serves to inspire the New Years resolution all the more.

I went straight from the nasty sinus infection into a chest cold, so working out hasn't been happening much lately.  I ran once last week (which was great) but then spent the night coughing up a lung.  I think coughing is pretty well over now so I'm ready to ease back into it and plan to start with a nice bike ride tomorrow.  The weather has been awesome and we spent Christmas in shorts & t shirts :)

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