Friday, December 12, 2008


Crazy times in the little house by the Blue Lake. I'm watching a puppy for a friend who had to go on a work trip, so this household at the moment is starting to resemble a traveling circus or zoo.
We currently feature:
  • one stable, lovely dog of the distinguished Mutt breed
  • one hyperactive puppy of Welsh Corgi bread (starring as the midget)
  • one severely insane cat who thinks he is Napoleon
  • one mildly insane cat who thinks the world is out to get him
On top of that throw a half sick fiance and a very stressful Lowe's window installation (that has been in the making since September) and sprinkle liberally with general holiday stress - so it's no wonder that nerves are a little frayed and tempers a little short.

I'm managing to see the funny side of things though, because if you take a step back and just watch, it's all really kind of hilarious.
Thankfully I have my swim workouts to keep me sane - I just love going and being challenged in the pool. I wish wish wish I could get the same motivation going for running, because now that I've pledged to do the OL tri in Miami in March, I REALLY need to quit being a slacker.

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