Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lap flip lap flip lap flip lap

Did my first swim workout since July yesterday.  It was both awesome and ass-kicking.  We have a small group that mainly consists of triathletes with an unusual taste for swimming.  Remarkably enough we are also all women, in my community the guys seem to focus on either running, biking or duathlons.   I guess this is another testimonial to the female multitasking abilities ;)

Coach welcomed me back and announced that the days of my open turns were over (I've been a little lax flipping).  He went on to declare that we were now entering a phase where the emphasis is on core muscles, allowing us to be better balanced in the water and generate movement from the core, thus saving our legs for biking/running.  He swears it will also make us faster on the bike and especially on the run.  That's all I needed -  it will make me run faster?  Count me in!!

Coach Scott Bay is absolutely great.  He doesn't hesitate to hop into the water and demonstrate when needed, and his coaching comes with huge focus on technique.  We all came into the group with different swim-issues, mine lovingly termed "rainbow hand" (it looked I was painting a nice rainbow on the sky, rather than coming out with a high elbow and defined entry.... and it was only on my right side!).   We do a good bit of drills, but always individual specific, as we might be working on different things.  We also do a lot of swimming slow, working on that perfect stroke.
Having done a little bit of regular masters swimming, the swimming slow part was what I had a hard time with in the beginning - but I can't argue with the results.  My stroke count has dropped a good bit, I'm faster and wayyyy smoother.

But, today I'm tired - tired in the way only swimming makes you tired. It's a good tired, one you earned with your whole body.  So now I'm going to have a cup of tea, kick back and chill out for a little bit :)  Enjoy your weekend!

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