Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's all in my head

In my cheek to be exact.   For the past few weeks I've been battling something I thought was just a standard issue annoying cold and a bit of ear-ache to go with it.  I even got properly sick for a couple of days, where my face proceeded to poof up on the left side, hamster style.
Eventually I went to see the doctor, who diagnosed me with a maxillary sinus infection and prescribed drugs to deal with it.  And gently suggested maybe not waiting 6 weeks next time before stopping by.  I think this is the first proper sinus infection I have ever had since I'm not allergic to anything (knock on wood). 
The sinus still feels swollen but now the drugs are kicking my ass. Just hope they are working so that I can start feeling normal again soon!

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Maggs said...

Don't you hate that. You don't go to the doctor because you think it just a little thing and know they'll tell you to go away and come back in a week or so. Then it's something else? Hope you feel better.