Sunday, November 9, 2008

Burrito strikes back

Cute Boy and I did some work around the house today, including re-grouting the tile on the pool. It's been leaking a little and we are hoping that will fix it. Crawling on your hands an knees with epoxy grout and chasing with a sponge isn't exactly a fun job, so by the time we finally finished we decided to reward ourselves by going out for lunch. We went to this nice little Mexican joint that usually has totally reasonable lunch portions, but for some reason during the weekend they insist on serving up gargantuan chimichangas/burritos.
But man did it taste good. I ate almost the whole thing, and lived to regret it when I went out for a run. I waited until I was almost out of daylight to allow the chimi time to evacuate my stomach, but it didn't want to leave. I HAD to run, so off I went anyway. The constant bopping up and down angered the chimichanga greatly, to the point that it threatened to return to the surface and kick my ass. I backed off a little bit and managed to keep the thing down and made it home.

I'm not having dinner. And I pledge to start eating healthier, because right now I'm experiencing bloating, cramping, acid reflux, irregular heartbeat, partial kidney failure and low brain activity, all at once. All because of one, super-oversized chimichanga.
Curse you, tasty food.


Kolbrun DeLux said...

Er þetta ekki bara svona slæmt, því þú ert ekki búin að ná upp nógu góðu "éta yfir þig" þoli? Mig grunar það.
Leikfimifötin komin í töskuna og gaman að vita hvort ég komist í ræktina í dag, eða finni mér einhverjar voðalega lélegar afsaknair fyrir skrópi! Knús á ykkur í ammeríkunni

Maggs said...

Hope that leak is fixed. If not, email me (I run a leak detection company) and I can tell you a couple other things to try.

That burito looks yummy too!

Frayed Laces said...

Hehe. I feel your pain. Today I went to a fancy buffet and was instructed to "eat till I explode". I am still suffering.