Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pantyhose from hell

Back from a great trip to California. Went to Chicks Rock, a skydiving event at Lake Elsinore. Really had a good time hanging out with cool ladies from around the world. Also got a good bit of work done, met up with some of the sponsored athletes and instructors I work with to talk about renewals of contracts, status of current on-goings and stuff like that.
Travel back and forth was uneventful, for the most part. My DVT leg did swell up a little on the way back, but less than normal. I was good about getting up, staying hydrated and wiggle my toes - plus made sure to get enough rest and keep the leg up. Seemed to make a world of difference.

I have also invested in a $109 pair of tights for future travels called Skins. They are essentially a tight spandex batman looking pants, designed to compress and keep blood from pooling in my legs. I will get to use it on a trip in about 2 weeks when I head out to Arizona for the US skydiving nationals and am strangely excited about that.


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Compression garments are great...especially when you fly. have fun in AZ.