Friday, October 31, 2008

Ironman Florida, the night before

Drove up today with Sue and Krystal, had an excellent time.  Krystal sang the whole way and after I handed her my camera a lot of random (but funny) documentation took place.  Think I will have to make a collage out of the trip.
Arrived in time to go greet my friend Cameron who is racing tomorrow and then it was off to the volunteer meeting.  Although the word meeting does not quite describe the clusterf*** taking place.
I had been instructed to show up for the out-of-towners briefing to get an identifying volunteer t-shirt and further instructions for the area I had been loosely assigned to.  I expected the finer details to cover the where, when and what of my volunteering duties.
No dice.
I finally found someone that could give me a bracelet so that I could at least make it into the area and from other volunteers I gathered that we should show up "around 7".  No volunteer t-shirt for me (sniff sniff) but instead I will wear my "Go Cameron" shirt.
Answers such as "well the race starts at 7" and "there may be a break for you if any of the other volunteers show up" didn't give me the warm fuzzies.  I can't help but feeling a little unloved and many of the other volunteers shared that.  It doesn't seem it would have taken that much to have a tad better organization in place, especially considering that this is the 10th year IMFL is held here in Panama City Beach.
And it sucks, because the athletes that have trained so long and hard for this event deserve enthusiastic and motivated volunteers, doing everything they can to make this experience the best it can be.
Either way, I'm going to show up and do my best to help the future Ironmen and women to have the best race day possible.  Hopefully the "management" uses the time between now and 7 am to get their shit together so that everyone will still manage to have a great time.  I will however think long and hard before offering up my time, money and energy to volunteer for this organization again.

Oh.  And for my own personal IM plans...  now that I decided to start school in January 2009, I have postponed IM plans until 2010.  Marathon plans however remain on the books (ughh!!). 

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Krisanne said...

I found exactly the same (lack of) organization at IM Coeur D'Alene when several friends and I volunteered back in 2005. Our friend was participating in the race, and we figured it was the least we could do to volunteer for a few of those (nearly) 17 hours that we were out there cheering him on. It's an amazing event to be a part of; too bad the volunteer management can't keep up.