Monday, October 27, 2008

Home sweet home, time to clean

Got home late last night. Had planned to be in around 5, but then Delta was looking for people willing to bump their flight in return for flight vouchers.  The gate agent paged for "Passengers with flexible travel schedule" so I jumped up and got in line.  A few moments later I stood with a new boarding pass (first class!) and 400 Delta dollars in my pocket.
I said good bye to my travel partner Morten, got a book and then made my way to the new gate. A couple of hours later we boarded and took a scenic tour of the Atlanta taxiways before returning to the gate.  The right engine didn't want to start up.  I was certain that we would have to stay in Atlanta so I called a friend to see if his couch was available - which is was - so I was prepared for everything.  Thankfully the Delta mechanics fixed the broken valve quickly so I made it home.
Today I have done a whole lot of absolutely nothing, and it's been awesome.  Bit of laundry, bit of cleaning, bit of scrubbing the pool, grocery shopping.  But mostly nothing at all.
And now it's time for some yummy tilapia with spinah - proper food for the first time in a week, I'm excited!!

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