Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween: I hate it

Time to just come out and admit it: I'm the Grinch of Halloween.
I hate everything about this holiday, especially that it isn't a holiday.
I didn't grow up Halloweening (I was a poor, deprived Icelandic child - all we got were icicles and yellow snow), so I have no warm and fuzzy childhood memories to fall back on.
I don't like being scared and I hate being startled, and I'm pissed that my peaceful TV watching nights have been disrupted by flesh eating alien flicks.  I HATE horror movies, I still remember the last one I saw.  The Ring: nightmares for 5 years and counting.
I don't like dressing up, I don't like icky kids hitting me up for candy, I don't like pumpkin-anything. Because pumpkins don't have a flavor, they are the blandest food ever.  I'm fine with bland, I actually like it, but you people* kill the poor pumpkins with cinnamon and nutmeg until there is nothing left of the original pumpkin.   Full on pumpkin violation in the spirit of Halloween.  
I am fortunate enough to have signed up for volunteering at the Florida Ironman this weekend, so on Friday night I'll be making my way to Panama City Beach, clear and free of the pesky trick-or-treaters my neighborhood is bound to be plagued with.
Halloweeners, I bid you good night.  I say good night!

* a general term used by foreigners such as me when describing Americans or American customs. Very snooty, yes.  Expect to see more of it.  


Maggs said...

Haha. Are you going to sign up for IMF 2009? Have fun volunteering!

Anonymous said...

who pissed in your corn flakes or made you eat yellow snow????

M said...

Aww, sorry to hear you don't like Halloween! Personally, I feel that any holiday in which candy is celebrated is A-OK in my book!