Monday, October 27, 2008

Flood warning

Sometimes Accuweather is spot on.
I have this little Firefox extension on my browser that gives me the 411 on the local weather. I work in a building void of windows so I need something that helps me knowing what is going on outside since my activities are usually weather dependent.
My mini weather station has this "severe weather warning" feature which I usually completely ignore as it is not very helpful. The severe weather we have here usually comes with a few days (if not weeks) of advance warnings and a name, in alphabetical order.
Today's severe weather menu warned about floods, mostly around the Melbourne area (about 2 hrs from me) - but as it turns out, I had a mini-flood in my own back yard!

With both Cute Boy and me being gone and with it being dry and windy, the level of our pool had dipped pretty low. Something clearly needed to be done, so I got the garden hose and turned it on. Stuffed the appropriate end in the pool and promptly forgot all about it. A few hours later (I refuse to discuss exactly how many) I'm sitting on the couch alone, with my deep thoughts. The current one had me wondering why the new cat smells so much like fish when I have never even fed him fish and the other cat eats the same and doesn't smell like fish at all... and then all off a sudden I remember the hose.  Crap. 
I now have a very full and very cold swimming pool.  And then there are some very busy (and pissed off) ants in my back yard frantically relocating to higher ground.
I also have a feeling that my next water bill will be more than sixteen smackers.
It's good to be home.

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