Friday, October 17, 2008

A coke and a smile

At last it's Friday which means I can have a some of my beloved beverage!  A few years back, after realizing I was somewhat out of control when it came to coke consumption (not just me, the entire Icelandic nation is a bunch of coca-holics), I decided to cut out soda during the week. To me soda = coke, no substitutes accepted.  Under the new abstinence law,  I would be allowed coke on weekends only, in moderation (NB weekends start at noon on Friday).
First few weeks were a little rough, but then I adjusted. At the same time Coca Cola headquarters in Atlanta initiated a round of layoffs, but I am sure that was just a coincidence. Levels of moderation may vary, sometimes I'm really moderate, sometimes less so. 
I'm proud of how I have stuck to this little policy of mine and very rarely cheated.  I do make exemptions when I travel and for my birthday, and if I'm sick (esp if it's stomach related).  And now it's Friday, so I'm off to the store to pick up some of those cute little coke cans.

And maybe I'll run later, the foot seems to be easing up on the "don't step on me" policy a little.  An easy run will probably help.


Maggs said...

Beer was banned until 1989? I think that's at the route of the Coca cola problem. Was Coke behind the ban of beer?

Kolla said...

Totally banned - but all the hard stuff was readily available. Go figure. The reasoning was that beer was "entry level drink" and if we had beer, we'd all turn into alcoholics.
A very strange logic indeed, on an island already full of people that pride themselves on heavy drinking.

I have a lot of beer time to make up, better go find that stashed bottle of Smithwicks!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kolla- I have something special for you and Cute Boy to add to your bad habit of being coca-holics. One of my favorite quotes of Cute Boy is "you just don't understand, it's like liquid sex" :-)