Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chicken Basket....

My favorite workout of the week is usually the Wednesday group ride. Spans anywhere from 20-30 miles, usually in the company of good friends that push me to do better on the bike.
Lately, it has rained on Wednesday afternoons, which doesn't make for good cycling at all.
Yesterday I REALLY wanted to bike, having all this pent up energy that tends to build up in your system when you spend a couple of days reading about your homeland going bankrupt. Full on down the tubes: friends and family faced with loss of savings, jobs, life as you know it.
And then it rained. Running wasn't an option as I'm still in somewhat sucky running shape and knew I would hack up a lung or two before I could tire myself out enough. So I opted for a spinning class, which turned out to be a great idea.
Called a few of my friends, we all met up at the Y, dragging our newest cyclist girl Adrianne along. We promised her good times and a good workout. And boy oh boy, Evelyn the spinning instructor delivered.... an hour later we emerged on wobbly feet, with Adrianne having barely enough breath left to threaten death and dismemberment to all of us for having conned her into class. But I know she loved it, especially after we made her do some core workouts on top of it.
Turns out it was a good thing we worked Adi to the bone, thus providing sleep aid. Later in the night she got the sad news that a family member had passed away. Please send some good vibes her way, she'll need a lot of those over the next few days.

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Lana said...

Thanks for your goodluck wishes, Kolla! Glad you'll be voluntering - yell at me if you see me out there!