Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brand new Y!

Yay, the DeLand YMCA has been a crummy little place to work out since I first got here.  But no longer, they just opened up the new addition and we are now working out in a well lit, clean and bright room.  We even have windows, and there are fresh, new machines. 
Even the staff stands taller, smiles brighter and is more helpful than ever.  Full on Stepford Y, in a sense.
I'm silly excited about this and plan to be a frequent visitor over the winter, as I build up my thunder thighs needed for time trials.  And maybe do some other workouts too.

My only complaint is the pool.  They did make a handful of improvements there too, but it's still pretty useless for swimming.  It's still only 25 yds, and they still only do 2 lap lanes, and they still have the stupid water slides protruding nicely into the deep end of the lap lanes, ready to slice your arm off.
No love for swimmers, so I guess I'll keep visiting pools in neighboring towns when it's swim time.

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