Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My own island!

Always wanted to have my own island.
Figured I'd start small and begin with a kitchen island to make up for lack of counter space. I wanted one with butcher block on top since I have big plans for chopping. Turns out new ones run approximately an arm and a leg, so I have been keeping an eye out for a "pre-owned" one on Craigslist for the past couple of months. Hit the jackpot this weekend, negotiated price and pickup, and then sent Cute Boy and Ron Burgundy (his truck) to fetch it. Simon would have been too small.
It's completely precious, exactly like the one in the picture.

"Le Gourmand Butcher Block table on brass rollers. Butcher block top is 2-1/4" thick. Table has these accessories: 7 slot knife block, stainless steel bowl with butcher block cover, wire basket, single drawer, removable lower shelf, brass lockable casters. This movable kitchen island is perfect for kitchens that need additional counter and storage space or for kitchens where two chefs want to work together."

Two chefs cooking together..... now that fits very nicely into my ideas of island lifestyle. Especially the kitchen island one. They are probably sold separately though - at least I didn't see them anywhere in or on my island.

Next on the list is a pot rack. On on.

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Tarrant County Natural Mama said...

do you mind me asking how much you paid for this one? I'm getting ready to list a similar one on Craigslist and I'm trying to figure out how to price mine.