Monday, September 1, 2008

Home in time for hurricanes

Cute Boy (under the white parachute in the picture) and I returned from Colorado after being gone for a week or so. Doesn't seem like we missed much here in FL, just another few days of rain from Hurricane Gustavo. Hurricane Hannah is another one that might come for a visit in the next few days although right now it looks like she is headed more towards Georgia/South Carolina. No matter where she goes, we will get more RAIN - torrential downpour style rain. If this keeps up, Floridians will start growing gills!

Colorado was awesome as always. I would really really really like to live out that way one day and get back into hiking and maybe skiing or snowboarding! Cute Boy isn't a big fan of the idea because his allergies act up out there, but he hasn't completely ruled against it :)
It's great to be back home though and this time I get to stay for more than a few days. The past few weeks have been hectic. I need badly to get back into some sort of a workout routine, and start training for the upcoming running relay and some bike races that I'd like to do. Looking at the forecast, I think I'll be doing some inside workouts until the roads dry out again....

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Anonymous said...

Get the idea out of your mind Woman! You cannot move away from DeLand EVER! Who on earth will stand behind me and scream "Pedal Faster, Faster!"?