Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hannah, Ike, Josephine and other pesky pests

According to weather.com we are nearing the peak of the Atlantic tropical season. Peak or no peak, wouldn't you say that three named storms (Hannah, Ike and Josephine), holding hands spanning from Africa to America is a bit much?? I think so.
My yard thinks so too, I'm fighting a losing battle with weeds in the lawn, scale on the Sago palms and algae in the pool. This weekend I am declaring a war on the above mentioned pests. The weeds will follow in the footsteps of French royalty and be beheaded by Cute Boy and the lawnmower.
The Sago palms have signed up for experimental Flea and Tick treatment, rumored to be very effective in removing the pesky little scale insects. There are other ways, but evidently this one is particularly gratifying as you can see the little bastards curl up and die right before your very eyes. It's really only fair, as they are doing their very best to make my precious Sagos curl up and die too.
The pool.... now that will be a big one. Cute Boy and I need to take the filter apart and clean it. It's a dirty job but it will make it so much easier to keep the pool sparkly and fresh. After filter has been cleaned, I'm off to the pool store to get supplies for the chemical-algae-warfare that will take begin Saturday afternoon and continue well into the night.
This is naturally all assuming that Hannah will either retire in Haiti or Cuba or at least downgrade herself into a very little mini-storm. Failing that, I might just have to curl up on the couch (but not die), watch movies and read books!

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Kolbrun DeLux said...

Sounds like AAAAAAA plan, the book-reading at least ;o)