Sunday, September 7, 2008

Forerunner 305: mine mine mine!

Weekend over!
Cute Boy and I spent the weekend working on the house and the yard. Trimming, cutting, pruning, planting - lots of hard work, but the backyard jungle is now finally getting under control. We have started to ease into the fall, even if both spring and fall are somewhat lacking in seasonless Florida. Still about a month left of the oppressive heat, but I can already feel the promises of coolness in the morning air, just begging for an early morning run.
I'm a little excited about running again, mostly because this morning I threw caution to the wind and ordered myself a little running buddy from A Garmin Forerunner 305, with a GPS to map out my distance & pace both running and on the bike and even has a virtual training buddy to keep me on track. It also has a heart rate monitor, although that function will likely scare the crap out of me when I see the numbers shoot up.
The best thing is that it speaks Mac fluently, so I can download/upload workouts and workout programs on my little Apple.

Now I just wait with baited breath for the little buddy to arrive, until then I'll have to figure out something else for running motivation :)

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Kolbrun DeLux said...

OOooooo... ef svona buddy væri næg hvatnig fyrir mig, þá væri ég hamingjusöm kona! Þú ert lukkuleg ;o)