Friday, September 19, 2008

The deed is done

At last, OC Hermann is free of his pesky balls.  After several failed attempts at coordinating the schedules of the Vet and the Pet, we finally managed to get both in the same spot at the same time. Herman has been getting to know the insides of the house and is finally pretty comfortable with hanging out and taking his breakfast/dinner inside, so he was lured in with a tempting dish of cat food.
Much to his displeasure, as soon as he was in, the food was whisked away and a sedative injection served instead.  Within minutes he was off to la-la-land and then Dr. Cheryl dressed him in a very nice blue outfit with a matching hat.  The cat restraining device is designed to keep the cat arsenal (teeth and claws) in check during procedures.
A few short moments later, Herman had been relieved of his burden (and Cheryl confirmed that he did indeed have very big kitty-balls) and then got shots and vaccines as needed.  Hermie is now resting and recouperating, too drugged up to really hold much of a grudge.
We'll see how it goes tomorrow.


lara kiyomi said...

Please say the snipping wasn't done on you kitchen chopping block. That's why you were so excited about the island, isn't it?

Beware, all (soon-to-be-not) men who enter the house of Kolla.

ps - fittingly, the comment captcha had 'wtf' in it. WTF indeed.

lara kiyomi said...

And by the way, that should have read "your" kitchen chopping block. It's not me, it's my keyboard.