Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cute Boy signs up for Ragnar Relay

One of the guys on my relay team had to bail out, due to a bum knee.   Sucks for him (and of course we hope he recovers quickly), but that means that my very own Cute Boy can now come on board! 
I'm really pleased with that for 2 reasons, one official reason and the other one is unofficial - as in secret - so don't tell the boy.

Reason #1:  This will give us another thing to do together, which will be fun. And, it will be our first race together, with a bunch of our other buddies, which will be way fun too.

Reason #2: Running will totally wreck his biking.   Muuwahhahhaha.  He's gotten way too fast on the bike lately, and all he can think about is bike bike bike.  I have to work entirely way too hard to keep up with him, and there is no end in sight, the rat bastard keeps on getting faster. 

If this works well, I will have to find him a marathon and sign him up for it.


Maggs said...

Haha. I signed my BF up for a 15 mile race on Saturday the day before he was going to do a 90 mile ride with me. he actually said his legs were hurting at one point on the ride. I didn't have to work hard to draft him like I normally do. I'm trying to talk him into doing a marathon and I'll ride along on the side and cheer.

Frayed Laces said...

HA! Hahaha! You are awesome girl! Sound totally like me!