Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cat wars

I'm not sure what to do now. iBite (cat #1) is used to be an only cat and for most of the time thinks he's at least half dog. Then OC Herman (cat #2) started hanging around and little by little elevated himself from "stray" status to "pet" status.

Herman is sweet and loving and wants to be petted all the time.  The "touchy-feely" type.
iBite is a little ornery and accepts petting in small doses, on his terms.  The "strong & silent" type.

Both love to play, so I thought once they got to know each other, they'd be perfect playmates and could hang out doing their cat things all day long.
I was wrong. They don't want to play. They want to kill.  Every time they see each other, they make scary noises, ears peel back and fangs are bared. Both of them are strong and healthy so I worry that if they make contact I'll have 2 dead cats on my hands.
Quite frankly I'm not ready for that, having just invested 250 of my hard earned dollars getting OC Herman compliant with city codes (comes with him aquiring pet status, up until then it was just going to be a cheap neuter).

So, I need advice from all you cat experts out there. How do I introduce the two of them without having to vacuum fur for a week or have to sell my car for vet expenses?
I've heard anything from "throw the pair in the bathroom for a day and let them fight it out" to "supervised visits spaced out over 3 months" to "it will never happen, you'll just have to buy another house for cat #2".


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Simeon of Kent said...

Alternate their meals and time sedatives, so as one is getting knocked out the other is coming round...