Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Be still, my beating heart. Or at least stay in zone 3-5!

Went for a jog again with my new Garmin Forerunner. This time I even remembered my heart rate monitor (HRM), and jogged off. I was pretty proud of myself for being out there pounding the pavement, as I had just won a mighty victory in the ongoing battle with the couch monster.
Anyway, so I set out for the 2 mile sort-of-tempo-run (just sort of, because I'm not really ready for a whole lot of running yet, starting slow). I happily bound off, trying to remember all my Chi running tricks and am feeling good. Fluid, smooth, I think there were a couple of minutes where I actually looked like a runner.
Glance down at the monitor, 148 - sweet. Keep going, there is a slight uphill, going getting a little harder, now about 8 minutes into it. Glance down. 238. HOLY CRAP. Come to a screeching halt, hold my breath (I don't know why) and watch the heart rate drop to 140 almost instantly. Phweff.
Jog off again slowly, life is good, I'm feeling awesome, pick it up a little, glance down. 259. Jesus H. Christ in a Chicken Basket. I consider stopping to call myself an ambulance, but instead just turn it on and thunder home. I believe I hit an 8 minute mile momentarily which I'm going to claim as a PR for this route. Heart rate on door step: 0. Great. Now I'm dead.

Once I got inside, I noticed a brown stain on my shirt. I rip it off and notice a big brown stain on my chest! Turns out that my Garmin heart rate strap doesn't have an o-ring sealing around the battery!! Florida running is nothing if not sweaty, so I have flat out gone and flooded the insides of the HRM with my very own brand of saline solution. Nice. No wonder the HRM is going insane. Guess I'll be calling Garmin tomorrow to discuss a replacement strap. I hope they will be nice!

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Simeon of Kent said...

Haha, maximum heart-rate was 220 PLUS your age..