Sunday, August 24, 2008

Need more zzzz's, need more miles

Sunday night already - this weekend whizzed by at illegal speeds.
It was the weekend of the "Welcome Home Hannah & Joe" party, hosted by super-organizer Sandy. Lara flew into town from Virginia so Cute Boy and I picked her up at the airport and then joined Sandy and Ian for some tasty sushi.
Saturday morning I was kicked out of bed well before crack of dawn to take Cute Boy to the airport and once I got home Lara insisted that we would go out for a run. I haven't exactly been on it with my training lately, but to be a good sport I agreed to do half an hour. Sort of in the spirit of "how hard can it be, I'll be fine". By mistake I got us going on the 4 mile loop, when a 2-3 mile one would have been a lot less miserable.
For the first time in a week the friggin sun shows up and proceeds to beat down on us, to the tune of 90+ degrees F. The humidity could not be measured by conventional methods and will only be described as indescribable. After 3 miles or so, we wordlessly agreed that it was best to stop the Babe-watch style "slo-mo running" and walk it in from there. Slowly.

That Ragnar Relay is going to kick my ass, and so will the Windemere Marathon. Why do I keep letting Lara talk me into signing up for running crap?
I curse my slack-ass-ness, pledge to  a) get a training schedule and   b) stick to it.   

Honest. Promise.
I will now go straight to bed to allow my withering hams and quads to recover.
Tomorrow is travel - Colorado, here I come!

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