Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miracles of modern travel: Part deux

Yesterdays travel plans didn't go according to plan. After spending long hours in terminal, long hours in airplane at gate, long hours riding around the airport (without ever attempting flight) I went home.
Between shit weather in Atlanta, then shit weather in Daytona and finally airplane malfunctions, we never got off the ground. But, less than 12 hrs later, I'm back shortly after 5 AM- not really bright eyed nor bushytailed - but ready to give it another go.

When I left the house I was rewarded for my early morning prowling by the most amazing starry sky, crescent moon and the mystic, earthy, early Florida morning fragrances. Beautiful enough for me to pause for a minute or two taking it all in, even if I was a tad late for the airport (about 3 minutes again).
It reminded me of how much I really do love the early morning and its quiet stillness, before the day rushes to a start. Sort of an invite from night-time Florida to lace up the running shoes or put on a swimsuit and get in a few miles/yards before the oppressive heat sets in.
It's a good thing I like mornings, because come next year I will be seeing a lot of early morning workouts preparing for Ironman!

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Mikey... said...

Seems that you and Greg Rau are now going to have the same love of Delta Airlines. It's great to fly in and out of Daytona... when all goes well. Sometimes, it's just worth it to drive to Orlando.