Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lovely Colorado

I used to think Colorado was full of happy Birkenstock clad hippies, but the more time I spend here the better I realize that they have their own very special brand of Hillbillies. Or crackers. Or whatever you want to call them.
"Them people" couldn't care less about nature, they don't know the way to the REI Flagship store (honestly!) and eat everything fried. In general, they would be right at home on the infield at the NASCAR race track in Daytona Beach.
So, I propose swapping. I will move to Colorado and to balance things out, a handful of them move to Florida. I will need a job too, preferrably one that comes with some REI perks. I don't have a pair of Birkenstocks, but hopefully my Crocs and FitFlops will get me in with the cool kids.

And now, after writing and pondering all this, I all of a sudden gained a better understanding of my friend Lara. She may be the only living specimen of the rare species known as a "deeply intellectual introspective and altrusic redneck"; who wants nothing more than peace on earth and fuel cells for everyone. She lived in and loved both Colorado AND Florida.

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lara kiyomi said...

Sounds good, peace on earth, fuel cells for everyone - and don't forget the cars that go vrooooom real loud and anything deep fried, wrapped in bacon, and/or dipped in chocolate.